Retain, reward and rejuvenate your employees.

Employee health and wellness benefits for a modern workforce.

Why It Works  Demo

Offer your employees benefits they love and value. On demand Yoga, Weight Loss, Fitness, Cooking, Nutrition, Pilates and Stress Management classes.

Corporate Wellness Programs

What Is MeoCare?

MeoCare is a fun and easy way for employees to get access to professional on demand health programs.

For employers we offer a cost effective way to reward employees with health programs they already love.


Engaging Employees

We work with you, to help value, appreciate, reward and recognize your employees. By providing a wide range of programs such as Yoga, weight loss, cooking, fitness and nutrition we can engage employees that are traditionally hard to reach.


employee health and wellness benefits
employee health and wellness program benefits

Working Together

Our relationship together starts by identifying your core corporate values, from there we work to align these values with those of your employees.

We can also work with your existing wellness programs and providers, to compliment your current solutions, and facilitate greater health engagement.

Measured Results

Our participants report feeling more connected, appreciated and in control of their own health after only 3 months. Typically we engage 50% to 70% or more of a client workforce. Contact us and let’s see what we can’t do together.


Corporate Yoga Programs